About Oiseau Perdu

Oiseau Perdu is a Belgian Brand, born for the hunger for quality & endurance with a hint of fun. Each bag, pouch and homeware item is designed and created in Antwerp, Belgium.

Patricia established her brand in 2017. Both under- and overwhelmed by the existing accessories market, she began crafting simple, timeless, and beautifully well-made pieces to fill the void.

Oiseau Perdu is currently in it’s first season but made to last. A Summer collection is in the making. AW 17-18 is just behind the corner.

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Why I created Oiseau Perdu.

I love buying things that make me happy but I am a bit of a minimalist.
Meaning that I only want to buy things that are timeless in design and will last a long long time.


Besides that, I want to be different. I creatively express myself through my wardrobe and accessories. I don’t want to have the same outfit as everyone else. Nothing wrong with that but I wanted more. And I couldn’t find it.


So for women like me, who like eye-pleasing belongings but don’t want to go bankrupt after buying one piece, I created Oiseau Perdu.


I love my little birds (oiseau=bird). They make me happy just looking at them. I hope they will make you happy too.

About me

So this is me. I’m not a great poser as you can see.

Besides Oiseau Perdu I am passionate about architecture, photography, travel and of course my beloved city: Antwerp.

Want to get to know me? Do not hesitate to contact me.  (I know the best hotspots in the city)